Saturday, 16 February 2013

Delhi Girl

I am getting into the bus along with Shriya and Swathi. At the entrance it is crowded. Guys over there are not allowing us to get in. Shriya who is ahead is finding it difficult move in. She is helpless and looks back at me. I know, it is delibarate and a trick. In the confusion, I know we will be groped. I am seeing disgust in Shriya and Swathi's faces. I am being groped. I shouted at Shriya 'Aage javo"  and pushed ourselves forward. In those few seconds, I felt more hands are touching me. Men of all ages are jeering at us and some passing nasty lewd comments. We moved out of the entrance and are at the middle of the bus.  This is a regular scene and we  live to suffer.

Some seats are available. Shriya and Swati  have seetled in a two seater.  I noticed a vacant seat next to an aunty. I am releived   and settled in the seat.   It is 8:30 in the night. Shriya and Swati got off at their stop. The Aunty next to me also got off with them. A guy from behind has taken the seat next to me.  I am alert and observing people around.

There is only an old lady at the rear of the bus. She is lost in self. There is no comfort in finding another lady around for support as nobody helps others  as everybody is scared to involve in a brawl. The man next to me is making advances. He is falling over me at the turn of the bus. He has started groping. I am squeezing into the window. He is advancing further. The bus has stopped at bus stop.  The guy next to me has put his hand on my thigh and is getting nasty. I have to get off the bus. The bus is about to start. I scream ‘ Driver Bus roko’.  Driver applied his break brakes. As I am getting down Driver shouted at me ‘ So rahi ho, Sali’. The bus went off.
My momentary decision to get off the bus has helped me. The guy next to me was taken aback by surprise and didn’t get down. I am more comfortable. This stop is a lonely place and  three stops away from my house. I have to call Rajesh bhayya.   Bhayya  is always protective about me and ready to accompany me. But I can’t ask him to come everywhere.  He was caught into a scuffle with some teasers on two, three occasions. Sometimes I am scared about his safety.  I rang up bhayya and said
‘ Bhayya, Mujhe Gaden wala bus stop se pick up kejiye’.
Bhayya, ‘ tum to theek ho na?’
‘ Mai to theek hu’
I am alone at the stop. I know bhayya will be there in few minutes. An Auto passed by the stop.  The place is lonely.  I am watching around. Everything is still and calm with a pleasant weather. I am not able to enjoy the surroundings as I am worried about my security. A Bus came and nobody got down and the Bus left the stop. I saw some people walking and curious to know whether any lady around. There is none. My antenna is up and I am alert. But to my relief , I saw Bhayya next to me on his bike.  I am at peace. Bhayya enquired, ‘ Kuch problem tha?’.
‘Kuch Nahi’, I answered as I don’t want to narrate the whole sequence.  Anyhow, this is everyday affair in Delhi.

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