Monday, 10 June 2013

Manipuri Girl and Democratic Republic

I have been here since ages and immortal. Kings have ruled and queens have ruled. Foreign rulers ruled and went away. Independence is irrepressable here. I have seen forces fighting here brutal wars  against militants and some times with foreign institgators leaving the place devasted. Forces and militants brutalising life here and making women vulnarable, helpless victims. No act can perpetuate atrocities on women  either forces or militants. No religion, etinic identity, hate .. can be a licence to atrocities against women

I approached supreme court to take up my case.  I met judges to take up my case. I cited that fundamental tenet of our republic is dignity of life to women and life with honour. They told me they understand the issue but they are bound by law and can't do anything. They quoted me that judiciary had kept quiet even when democracy was trampled  and emergency was imposed as they were bound by laws.

Since courts are bound by laws, I approached male MPs. They told me that I don't understand politics and these are not political issues facing the nation . They can at most raise a question without any charge but it is of no use. It may get reported by some channels and will be given a quiet burial by media. Frankly they told me that they don't understand my issue as in insurency areas these things happen and one must ignore and live.

I approached women MPS and told them my issue. They told me that male MPs won't care them and many a times they snub them for raising silly issues as women are emotional, stupid people. Men MPs told us that female MPs are just women faces for party propoganada and public relations exercise and women must know what they are. One women MP told me that it is humiliating existence for them.

I approched ruling party leaders and explained my issue. They narrated the measures government has taken and will look into my issue. I told them that they have been looking into my issue for years and it has not been resolved. One leader told me that my issue is not a issue as it has not effected voting pattern. They will address only those issues and sections which effect vote banks. I realised that my voice will never be heard and met opposition leaders.

Opposition leaders were ready to understand my issue and promptly raised in parliament and sought immediate redressal.  They raised follow up questions and continued and persisted with the issue. They told me that they consider my issue an important issue and thay will expose the indifference of the ruling party. After few rounds of protests their interest has vened. I have noticed the opposition parties are not interested in solving my issue but focessed on embassing the ruling party. My issue was never a topic in their party forums.

I went to minotity leaders to address my issue . I am not in minority and they don't care me. I went to religious leaders. They told me that they address spiritual/Communal issues and can't address social issues. I told them that my issue is an existential issue and all other issues are secondary to this. I realised that I am a non issue for them.  I wen't to leftist groups and told my issue. They told me that my issue is part of their class war to dislodge the existing oppressive order and asked to me join them in their bigger fight. I told them my issue is now and here issue and can't postpone to a future date. I realised that I am periferal issue and a means to attract people to their idealogy and they are not sincere about me. I met NGOs to realise that they are executing the agenda of their foreign master's and least interested in solving issues.

I am left to myself after the cocophony of democracy.  Am I not a issue by myself? I am the power shakti. I am an agenda by myself, my upliftment and place of honour is an idealogy. Making of the other half of the world is a philosophy in itself. I don't need any external support. I win by my fight beacuse my cause is everybody's cause and my success is everybody's success. I am truth and truth will win.

Truth will triumph
Satyameva Jayate

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