Sunday, 16 February 2014

Anuhya - Who are you?

Times of India: Mumbai  : Techie from Andhra missing

NTV after a discussion on Telangana covers TCS Techie missing.. Mumbai Police clueless.. Protects in Vijayawada..

Times of India :  Protests in Bandra.. Pooja Bhat and minorities in a procession protest about the failure of police.

Times of India : Techie Anuhya's cousin . Police clueless insensitive and indifferent suggest she ran away with her lover.

Times now : Techie's father meets Home Minister Shinde. Shinde assures that police will investigate.

Times of India : Techie's father meets  Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal  asks Mumbai unit to take up the issue.

Hindustan Times : Techie's relatives - Police non cooperative and indifferent.
                            Row over jurisdiction between police zones

Headlines Today : Relatives find body of Techie and inform police of chemically burnt body.

Times of india : Police arrest absconding Auto-drivers and continue investigation

Ntv: Mumbai police conduct investigation in Hyderabad clueless

TCS : Mum

IT Professionals : Mum

Times of India : Police arrest a habitual offender and book him

NTV : Anuhya's father - Police investigation weak they made a weak case

Kurla station : No change in the way of functioning Auto / Taxi stand

RR Patil:  Even if we put a police in every home, We can't stop rapes

RR Patil : Press has misrepresented facts

Anuhya :  This expected and nothing anuhya(unexpected) about it. My death won't make any difference

Times of India : Stops covering  Anuhya's story; starts covering story of other atrocities

Kurla Terminus : I want to become Lokmanya Tilak's Terminal. I want want this terminus to be a place where  women move around with confidence and without any fear

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